Begining earlier in 2006, founder members Alessandro “Frank” Lapini and Michele Trillini restarted in 2011 the old “Ixion’s Wheel” project with a brand new band.

Few months of hard work later after the reunion, the band won a contest whose prize was the chance to plays as opening act of the Bon Jovi gig at “Udine Stadium”, in front of a crowd of 40,000 screaming fans.

The thirteen original tracks in the demo tape were then took as a strong inspiration for the debut album “The Time Has Come”, released in stores in 2013.

After lots of live gigs, thousands of copies sold and daily radio rotation worldwide, FLEMT are currently working at their second, powerful upcoming cd, to be released in 2018.

Also, FLEMT has toured U.S. east coast during August 2017 with great success.

What’s the meaning of “FLEMT” it’s still a mystery. “FLEMT??, maybe it is the lump we get in our throats when first being introduced to such a great band that we are just hearing sing and play for the first time. I have been introduced to many Rock style bands over the years and found myself walking away from them because I for one cannot stand any Rock Band screaming out the words that I cannot even make out what they are singing about, but FLEMT has put this into a completely different perspective for me with Patrik Pambianco’s suttel vocalization which allows me to understand what is being sung by the Lead Singer. The song “Always at your Side” is one of my favorites and was added to my personal playlist. All of the other songs performed by FLEMT are equaly just as good and you can judge that for yourself by visiting their website or social media links”~ Randy Lockhart

Italian rock band FLEMT In my Dreams (Official Video)

FLEMT are:

Patrik Pambianco :lead vocals
Michele Trillini :guitar + backing vocals
Alessandro Lapini : bass
Diego Romagnoli :drums + backing vocals

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For booking please contact directly our Manager:
Gina Whitt – Southern Girl Promotions, LLC. or 256-490-5254.

Manager: Gina Whitt – Southern Girl Promotions, LLC. or 256-490-5254.

General manager Gina Whitt – Southern Girl Promotions, LLC.

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