Keith Ferrari

Keith has been on stages since age 5 and was signed to label at age 17, with a band called Sonic 13 . He has toured all around the world.

“Music is my life every pore on my body bleeds music. I pour out my heart and soul in my music. I’ve been blessed with the gift to sing and i’m using this gift to touch others souls and hearts.” says Keith

If you listen to his music you will hear what he is talking about. Listen to (if only) the emotion in his voice and it even makes him cry.

His current project Keith Ferrari is his first solo album. Title of the Album is (sinister) and on guitar is Peter Graigs and drums Joseph Larsen (formally of (gene loves jezebel) and himself on vocals and guitar..





New Solo Album SINISTER

Band Members
Keith Ferrari
Peter Graigs
Joseph Larsen

Keith was born in Nashville TN. and has a fan page at Facebook | Twitter

I am happy to see these 3 great musicians come together and combine their music skills and bring great entertainment to all that follow them.



Peter Graigs

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist PETER GRAIGS is a force to be reckoned with while on the fretboard of any guitar in his hands. Growing up in Canada and now re-located to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Peter Graigs grew up listening to the music that drove the ‘80’s: Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

His musical heroes include iconic guitarists Randy Rhoads, Eric Clapton, Al Di Meola and legendary drummer Tommy Aldridge. Like many other rockers, he also listens to the occasional Classical piece for inspiration. Peter Graigs has had years of live concert performance experience and recording sessions with such bands as Wired, Sillian, Trax, G13 Band and Scars of Grace.

Peter was featured in my Indie Music Magazine back in Sept 2017 and was also on the Front cover of that PDF Magazine.   Follow Peter on – Facebook | Twitter



Joseph Larsen

Drummer Joseph Larsen is an accomplished musician who has played and toured the local and national music scenes. His impressive skills, versatility and professionalism have provided opportunities to tour the country with numerous established acts and to work as a studio session musician.

During his tenure, Joseph joined Gene Loves Jezebel for the “Lost 80’s Live Tour,” performed as a special guest with Sin City Sinners, and shared the stage with a variety of artists including Steve Ferlazzo of Avril Lavigne, Mark Kendall of Great White, Greg Polcari of Britny Fox, and Sean Austin at the Rock and Roll Autograph Show. Most recently, he has played as part of Soundcheck Live at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, he began banging the skins at the early age of five and was tutored privately for several years. Joseph joined his first band, Diadem, at the age of sixteen and released a five song EP with Bruce Kirby and BOHO Digetella. Joseph continued to hone his chops in the Utah rock scene after Diadem disbanded while performing with various local bands. Later, he moved to Hollywood, California.

Follow Joseph on – Facebook | Twitter


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