”KIWITABASCO”, business owner and sole employee of start-up franchise Laundry 305, a wash and fold laundry service dedicated to college students in Miami, FL, by day .

By night, high tempo, picture painting sounds rush from her home studio.

Her connection to making music is simple.

She says,“I tap on the steering wheel, hum melodies, and make up lyrics to songs I hear on a daily basis. That’s an invention. I develop an invention daily. One day, I began retaining parts of melodies and sounds I’d come up with. I would write them out in my notes like “ding-di-ding ta-ta bop”.

Kiwi.Tabasco met industry music producer and now friend Christopher “Ca$h” Marely. She tapped and hummed her well documented notes and before the night was over, Ca$h had produced a snippet of that very beat.


With the use of her senses complete records were made, back to back with ease and natural ability.

Monday, March 12th, 2018 Kiwi.Tabasco released her debut album “X Factor: The Age of Tron” on SoundCloud.

“Magical Negro” and “Sweet & Sour” were released March 13th and March 16th, 2018. “Why sit on great music”, says Kiwi.Tabasco.

Her music send listeners into dramatic sceneries using notes of Grand Piano, Violins, and Chinese traditional instruments like the Erhu.


Kiwi’s style of music can’t be narrowed to any genre because of the strong worldly appeal.

Her musical composition has no limits to the depth and breadth her songs will deliver. Listening to an album beginning to end, you will find yourself in love, in heartbreak, in a high action movie scene, on vacation, and back to reality in 45 minutes.

Based in Miami Beach, FL, Kiwi.Tabasco is quickly covering ground, and making large strides in her music career appearing as guest DJ at several Miami hotspots including the RIU Hotel and Resort and Wynwood’s Art-walk.

Find her tropical – jazz house, EDM, and RnB instrumental music catalog on

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