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Single – “Last Train” Review

Steph is definitely true to his word about creating songs that can reach people’s emotions because when I jumped on-board the “Last Train”(single) I went along a wonderful journey into days gone by, not only from listening to this song, but songs I listened to growing up, and emotions tend to overflow with the way Steph vocalizes and engages you into the song bringing back old memories and new thoughts. Growing up listening to mostly Country music I was instantly drawn in this new Rock/Country style of music and I turn up the volume every time I hear it played on my playlist while at my desk writing Reviews and Articles.. I was not raised in any form of a musical lifestyle but I can truthfully relate to what this Artist actually endures during his career as an Independent Artist. I am more susceptible to what this Artist was wanting me to hear about himself through his music.

I am thrilled that I have met Steph and I see he is able to look ahead with new ambitions and goals and I will make every effort to follow what he is up to and share his music with everyone. If you have not heard his (Single) “Last Train” yet, I really do think you owe it to yourself to go to his website and purchase a copy of it, as well as other songs that he has produced. ~Review by Randy Lockhart

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