Raffaella Piccirillo is an independent international singer-songwriter with many collaborations with other artists from all over the world. On 21st July 2017 is out her new acoustic album “Virtual Puzzle” in physical and digital worldwide distribution. WEBSITE | iTUNES

“Lost” is the song that anticipates this release. The album was mixed and mastered at GoPla SoundLab studios (US and Mexico) which credits are: BreakThru Mixer Award Nominee at the 2014 Pensado Awards, international artists such as Neal Schon (Journey, Bad English, Hardline, Carlos Santana …) Sean Paul ( Enrique Iglesias, Paul McCartney…), Scott David ( Synthpop/Darkwave, A Covenant of Thorns…) and many more. The album includes 12 tracks, some already known in previous editions of Raffaella and other unpublished, collected in a virtual “Puzzle” where several musicians wanted to give their contribution and a personal tribute by concretizing the long emotional path that the album wants to convey. “I’ve always considered vocal technique an indispensable element in singing songs, this time I wanted to concentrate more on the emotions and the intimacy of the lyrics, there is a covertly erotic component in all this … a travel and relationship with my soul thanks to music “.

Short Bio: Italian singer, songwriter, composer, speaker radio and more with many foreign collaborations from all over the world thanks to her very versatile voice. Born and raised in the shadow of “Torrazzo” of Cremona (IT), town famous for the production of its famous Nougat and in the production of Stringed Instruments that are linked to the figures of Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati. Since childhood she demonstrated a strong interest and aptitude for art activities, choosing as a didactic tool the drums and then she interested in the study of modern singing. Follow Musicals, performances, collaborations and releases of music jobs.

(for all informations in english and italian language please visit her main site) WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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