Ramil Ganjoo is an indie music composer , singer and a songwriter, based in Mumbai.

He is the first artist of our record label Pictor Music.

He followed his passion for music from a very young age of 14.

Now, aged 22, he has successfully release one E.P and two music videos, both of them having featured on VH1.

His latest music video is an hindi music video , released just 2 days back.

His genre is pop and blues.

He is a growing name in the indie sector.

He takes inspiration from John Mayor , A.R Rehman.







Songs from the EP “Clueless”:
Flight got featured on VH1 and MTV Indies.
Link — Watch Youtube Video
Hiding Tones — Watch Youtube Video
If It helps — Watch Youtube Video
Streetlights Retro– Watch Youtube Video


Previous singles:
The streetlight was featured on VH1, MTV Indies, and 9XO.
Link: Watch Youtube Video



Somewhere in Between was selected for the Independent No. 1 Volume 6 of WOA records.(WOA-Official media member 58th Grammy Awards. MTV Europe Music Awards nominated Record Label).
Link: Listen to – Somewhere-in-Between

Link to one of his instrumentals:
Watch Youtube Video

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