Victoria Eman lives in the County of ‘Gelderland´ in The Netherlands, but she is of European-Indonesian origin.

Since 1991 she started singing at Talent shows in The Netherlands together with her sister Vanessa Eman as a duo.

They won several talent shows at that time and/or ended up high in the finals.

Having a musical family; her father, brother and two sisters also can sing. After a few years of doing paid gigs, she stopped singing with her sister and came in contact with musicians who asked her to become the singer of their Band(s).

Since 1996 She is a Singer in several Bands. At this moment she is the Singer of her Band ‘What So Ever’.

Apart from being a Singer in her Band she has recorded many (cover) songs in various music styles but since September 2014 she started recording ORIGINAL Country songs, written by several GREAT Singer/Songwriters from the USA and the UK (you can find all her songs on her YouTube channel, on ReverbNation, on the Nashville Universe site and on her Facebook page: ‘Singer Victoria Eman’).

In July 2015 she released her first Album ‘Change of Direction’ with ORIGINAL Country songs, written by GREAT Songwriters from the UK and USA, on 27 Digital Download stations.

On the 1st of April 2016, she released her 2nd Album ‘Meet You On The Moon’ on CDBaby and is available on ALL Digital Download sites (about 18 or 20 e.g. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.).

All the songs on this Album ‘Meet You On The Moon’ are written by a GREAT Songwriter: Vic Holdroyd from the UK (inc. a co-write with Nashville producer Lonnie Ratliff on the song ‘Troubadour’).

“My goal is to become a more well known Artist/Singer in the Country music genre because Country music was always my favourite genre.” says Victoria

Official Website


Thank you to Mark Fleck from The Country Line Radio for supporting Victoria’s music through his own Media and through my magazines.


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